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  • Today if there is any institution which has the greatest influence on us after the family, it is the school. The time that we spend in school are not only time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent forming our character, acquiring various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life. The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days.

    The name of my school is Nguyen Binh Khiem High School. It is situated in the suburb of Hai Phong city. It is considered to be one of the finest schools in the city, highly acclaimed for its excellent for number of talented students. The school building is an impssive structure. It consists of four three – floor blocks and has about 36 classrooms. Classrooms are spacious and airy.

    Two staircases at both ends lead to the floors. The school has a well-equipped library, a well- established science laboratory and two excellent computer room, all of which are situated on the a separate block.

    There is an area for learning physical education and sports. Two cemented basketball courts stand in the right corner, while the school’s football field is in the center of the area. On the left center, there are two courts for badminton and volleyball. A small garden full of flower plants surrounds the school building adding to the charm and beauty of the entire complex.

    My school has over 1200 students. Our headmaster is an experienced and efficient person who has been at his job for the last 10 years and more. Under his able direction, the school has been obtaining many good result and gain the dispute in the city. The teachers here are well-experienced and knowledgeable in their subjects.

    A lot of emphasis are given to character formation, moral education and acquiring good values of life. Although the school environment is rather strict and time-table based, but there is lot of fun and joy in the school. Matches, tournaments, musical shows, competitions, events, etc. make my school life lively, interesting and enjoyable.

    I am proud to be a student of Nguyen Binh Khiem High school.

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