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Topic Nói Tiếng Anh 8

Question 1: Talk about your leisure activities Some people may think cooking is just a daily to make meals. But for me, cooking is a hobby -the best hobby I have. I always cook after finding out the importances of cooking. I spend my freetime to learn more about different cooking methods. Biside, mother inspired me to cook. Sometimes I cook no delicious yet but I always feel happy because I had so many beautiful memories There are many reason why I love to cook. Firstly, it keeps me happy in my life. Secondly, Whenever I feel sad, cooking ease me in a big way. Cooking also enables me to expand my creativity. We can help my parents by cooking. One more good things about cooking is I feel satisfied when I cook for my family, relatives and friends. In short, I think cooking not only happy expand creativity but also brings me hapiness.

Question 3: Talk about the city life In my opinion, living in the city has many benefits. Firstly, city is the centre of economy, polite, cultural and social. There are many schools, hospitals, markets, offices, banks, companies, restaurants,… here so it’t very modern and convenient. It’s easy to find rented house, hotel or building. Secodly,City life provides us all sorts of entertainment: movies, theaters, amusement park, bars,… so it helps us relax after hard working. Finally, education in here is very good. We can be improved our knowledge by going to schools, universities or extra classes. It’s easy for young people hace many chance to have a well-paid job. Besides the benefits it city life also has some drawbacks. Firstly, cities are polluted and noisy because there’re many vehicles and factories here, environtment is polluted by dust of means of transports and waste of factories. Secondly, citizen are unfriendly. They are always hurry, that means people have no time to know each other and make friends. Finally, there aren’t enough playground for children to take part in outdoors activities so they spend their freetime using computer and forget everythingis happening. In short, I think the city life suitable for young people

Question 5:Talk about the festival in VN Tet is one of the most important festival in VietNam. It’s held every year at the end of January or early February. Some weeks before Tet, Vietnamese clean their houses and paint their wall. They buy peach blossoms. Kumquat, flowers to decorate their houses. New clothes are bought on the occasion. One or two days before Tet, people make Chung cake – the traditional food, sticky rice, spring rolls and other spcial food.

Đề Thi Nói Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 Học Kì 1 Năm 2022

Topic nói học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 8

Part I: Giới thiệu bản thân (Introduce about yourself)

Talking about some personal information

– Name

– Age

– Class/ School

– Family members

– Your leisure activities

Good morning/ afternoon, my dear teachers/ examiners.

– My full name is ………………………………………………… I am 14 years old and I am a student in class 8… in ………….. Secondary School. In my free time, I like listening to English music, reading books and chatting online with my friends.

– My topic is number ……….., talking about………. Now I would like to start my topic.

1. Talking about your free time/ leisure time.

– What do you often do in your free time?

– How much leisure time do you have a day?

– What is your favorite leisure activity? Why?

– Talk about your favorite leisure activity.


– In my free time, I often play table tennis/ watch films/ read books,…

– I usually have two – three free hours per day.

– Playing table tennis is one of my leisure activities. Because it is interesting and useful. My body becomes stronger because playing it is good for my health. It also helps me relax after a hard day.

– Talk about your favorite leisure activity. You have to answer these following question:

+ Describe the leisure activity.

+ Say who do you do this activity with.

+ Share your feeling about the activity.

Example: Reading book is one of my leisure activities. It is both interesting and useful. I can get knowledge of all areas that I need and relax after school. Whenever I have free time, I read books. I like many kinds of book such as novels, comic stories and science books. I really fancy reading science books which my father gave me on my 12 th birthday. It helps me know more about the world where I live. In short, reading books not only helps me become smarter but also brings me happiness.

– Where do you live?

– Do you like living in the countryside or living in the city? Why?

– How is the countryside changing nowadays?


– I live in the Bat Trang village/ suburb,…

– I like living in the countryside. I often visit my grandmother. It is interesting to live there because there are so much space. We can run around the vast field and shout out loud without disturbing anybody. We can swim in the river, go fishing or collect vegetables in the afternoon or in the summer.

– The first thing I like about the countryside is the relaxed pace of life. I often go there for some peace and quietness. I sleep well when I stay in the countryside. Another thing is the beautiful landscapes as well as peaceful hills and forests. I love admiring them. This makes me feel less stressed. I often take a lot of pictures of rural landscapes. However, you don’t have easy access to shops. When you want to buy something, it takes a lot of time because shops are far away. Besides, there’s almost nothing to do at night. No nightclubs, no bars and no amusement parks.

– My hometown has changed a lot. Firstly, the local people have different appearance with fashionable clothes. Secondly, many of them now have cell phones and motorbikes or even cars. They are living in modern brick houses. Besides, the Internet is very popular among the residents and they use it for learning, making new friends and playing games. They feel really pleased and satisfied about these changes.

Example 1: Our country has 54 ethnic groups. The Thai is one of ethnic groups in the provinces of Lai Chau, Son La, Yen Bai, Thanh Hoa and Nghe An. Their language belongs to The Tay-Thai group. The Thai are good at farming. They grow different crops. The main food is rice, especially sticky rice. Thai cloth is well-known for being unique, colourful and strong. Thai men like to wear The Kinh’s style of dress, but Thai women keep their tradition customs. They live in stilts houses. The Thai worship their ancestors. They hold festivals and ceremonies every year.

Example 2: The Kinh, also called The Viet people, is the majority ethnic group of Vietnam, comprising about 86% of the population. The Kinh people settle along the whole Vietnam. Vietnamese is the native language of the Kinh people, as well as the first or second language for many ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Rice cultivation is the main economic activity of the Kinh. They also raise cattle and poultry. They often celebrate a lot of festivals during the year. They have the traditional costumes such as Ao Dai and Ao Ba Ba.

– What is your family traditions?

– What is the tradition of your country?


– In my opinion, customs and tradition are very important. Like other family, we have our own traditions and customs. There is a tradition in our family of having lunch together on the first day on Tet. We have followed this for three generations. We have the custom of visiting our grandparents at the weekend.

– In my country, during Tet holiday, we shouldn’t sweep the floor on the first day of Tet. We have to respect old people and children should take things from adults with both hands and greet guests when they come to our house.

5. Talking about traditional festival in Viet Nam

– What it is.

– When/Where is it held?

– What activities there are.

– What you need/what you need.

Example 1: Whale Festival is usually held at Quang Nam coastal locations such as Tam Thanh, Binh Minh, Tam Hai. For the occasion, the Whale Temple, the houses and the boats are all beautifully decorated. The festival lasts for two days at the full moon of the first lunar month. This is a festival to worship the whale and pray for the good fortune of the fishermen in Quang Nam. The festival includes activities like the twirling the basket, boat races, swings, and football competitions, plus special dancing and singing performances including ‘tuong’, ‘ho khoan’ singing and ‘ba trao’ singing.

I like the Hung King Temple festivals a lot. It is held in Phu Tho province from the 8 th to 11 th of the third lunar month every year. It commemorates and worships the Hung Kings who are the founders and also the first emperors of the nation. It’s impressive because there is a procession from the foot of Nghia Linh mountain to the High Temple on the top of the mountain. While you are there, you can attend a ceremony of offering incense and specialities to the Hung Kings. Moreover, there are also some great activities such as bamboo swings, lion dances, wrestling and Xoan singing performances. I like this festival because it makes me love our ancestors. I also like it because there are a lot of great activities.

Example 3: Tet is one of the most important festival in Viet Nam. It’s held every year at the end of January or early February. Some weeks before Tet, Vietnamese clean their houses and paint their wall. They buy peach blossoms. Kumquat, flowers to decorate their houses. New clothes are bought on the occasion. One or two days before Tet, people make Chung cake – the traditional food, sticky rice, spring rolls and other special food. On the New Year, every family cook a special meals and prepare five fruit tray to worship their ancestors to pray for a better year. On the first day of New Year, people go out. Children receive lucky money wrapped in red envelop. Some one go to the pagoda. Some other visit their relatives and family. I love TET so much because it is time for all members of my family gather to chat or have meals together.

* Using the given cues

– Title

– Main characters

– Plot: beginning

– Plot: middle

– Plot: end

The story that I want to tell people is called “Son Tinh, Thuy Tinh.” The story is about talent and praise Son Tinh can fight floods, natural disasters. Story of the story is as follows: In the 18 th Hung Vuong Dynasty, Hung Vuong had a daughter named My Nuong and My Nuong very beautiful, gentle and gentle, My Nuong also has to get married. The king loves her very much, so she wants to marry her a worthy husband. One day, two boys came to tender offer. One who lives in Tan Vien mountain area, has strange talents: Waving hands east, floating east of the beach; Waving to the west, the west rising up the hills. People call him Son Tinh. And the other in the mountains of Tan Vien also not bad: call the wind, the wind came, the rain, rain. People called him Glass. In the two men, one is the lord, the other is the lord of the water, King Hung is very confused. Finally Hung Vuong was challenged to marry. Wedding conditions are two men to bring the ceremony to honor, the ceremony includes: one hundred sticky rice cake, a hundred sticky rice cake, ivory elephant, chicken and horse ripe roses each pair of one pair. Anyone who comes to the wedding ceremony will be cherished. And the new light in the morning, the crystal was brought to the ceremony before so the king of the gentleman to give. Glass came later and did not marry his wife should go angry to bring the chase to hit the crystal. Thunder storms, called the wind storm thunder chasing paint. Water flooded the fields, houses, water was raised on the hills, slopes. Charms have been submerged in the sea. But the crystal still does not flinter, Son Tinh has allowed each hill, moving each mountain to prevent the flood. How much to raise water, Crystal clear up high mountains as much. Finally, after a few months of fighting, Glass was exhausted but Son Tinh remained strong. Every year, severe enemas are intense, so Glass still raises Son Tinh but every time loses.

Topic 8: Màu Sắc (Color/Colour)

Lưu ý: Color và colour lần lượt là cách viết thông dụng trong tiếng Anh-Mỹ và Anh-Anh.

Ghi chú:

Một từ có thể nhiều hơn 1 phiên âm: Phiên âm Anh-Anh và phiên âm Anh-Mỹ, hoặc phiên âm thông thường và phiên âm dạng yếu (weak-sound trong một số trường hợp hoặc khi nói, hiện tượng nuốt âm hoặc nhiều âm được nói nhẹ đi biến thành một âm nhẹ hơn nhưng gần với nó).

1. Màu sắc cơ bản

Bạn có biết thành ngữ “to be green with envy” có nghĩa là ghen tức, ghen tị không? Người ta còn hay nói rằng một số người hay “ghen ăn tức ở” là do bị “green-eyed monster” (con quỷ mắt xanh) xúi giục nữa đấy. Màu xanh lá cây đi với những thành ngữ thật thú vị phải không nào?

2. Màu sắc nhạt hơn hoặc đậm hơn

Từ chỉ màu sắc nhạt hơn thường có light, bright hoặc pale phía trước, tương tự, các từ chỉ màu đậm hơn thì thêm dark hoặc deep phía trước. Chúng ta còn có thể thêm đuôi -ish vào sau màu sắc để diễn tả màu “phơn phớt”.

3. Một số màu đặc biệt

Một số màu gắn luôn với tên đồ vật hoặc con vật nên mang tính biểu trưng rất cao và gợi liên tưởng đến những màu sắc đầy chất thơ.

Tổng kết từ ví dụ, chúng ta có thể thêm danh từ vào trước -coloured để chỉ màu sắc của danh từ đó.

4. Từ vựng miêu tả tính chất màu

1. Hỏi đáp về màu sắc

It’s blue/red/snow white/… (in colour)

2. Miêu tả màu sắc

Khi đi với danh từ, các tính từ chỉ màu sắc sẽ đứng trước danh từ nó bổ sung ý nghĩa (adj + N).

Các từ chỉ màu sắc cũng có thể là danh từ. Khi đó, chúng ta sử dụng giới từ “in”.

You look so beautiful in white (Em thật đẹp trong [chiếc váy] màu trắng) .

The house is in bright blue (Căn nhà có màu xanh da trời tươi sáng) .

Do you have this dress in pink? (Chị có mẫu màu hồng của chiếc váy này không?)

Đặc biệt, với những động từ có ý nghĩa “thay đổi màu sắc” như colour, dye (nhuộm), paint (sơn), ta viết tính từ chỉ màu sắc ngay sau danh từ:

Cuối cùng, bạn có thể nghe bài hát thú vị sau đây để ghi nhớ các màu cơ bản:

Đề Thi Nói Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 Học Kì 1 Năm 2022

Topic nói học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 7 kèm hướng dẫn

Part I: Giới thiệu bản thân – Introduce about yourself

Talking about some personal information

– Name

– Age

– Class/ School

– Family members

– Your leisure activities

Good morning/ afternoon, my dear teachers/ examiners.

– My full name is ………………………………………………… I am 14 years old and I am a student in class 8… in ………….. Secondary School. In my free time, I like listening to English music, reading books and chatting online with my friends.

– My topic is number ……….., talking about………. Now I would like to start my topic.

Topic 1: Talk about your favorite hobby

Using the below cues:

– Name of the hobby.

– When you started it.

– Who do you share it with.

– How you do this hobby.

– Feelings about the hobby.

I have many hobbies such as reading, traveling, playing sports, watching TV, swimming… But I like reading books best. I often reading books whenever and wherever I can. For examples at weekends, on holidays or before going to bed…When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me a story before I went to bed. The stories were so interesting that always felt they weren’t enough. So I began to read books by myself.I always lose myself in the interesting stories. I enjoy reading very much, because books bring me a colourful and limitless world. In the past years, most of my knowledge has been obtained from books. Books can also teach me how to be a good person. Books even can solve many problems for me. I will read more good books to improve myself.Reading has become a part of my life. Everyday, I spend some time reading books, newspapers and magazines. I have great fun in reading. I love reading!!

Using the below cues:

– What this activity is

– When you do it

– How long you do it every day/How often you do it.

Staying healthy is the most important in our life. There are a lot of activities for us to stay healthy. For me, I usually swim in the river in front of my house. I often swim with my father every afternoon .I swim about 2 hours every day. Swimming help me relax after working hard and it also helps me have a good heathy. I like swimming very much because I want to be a swimmer.

Now I would like to tell you something about my health. I am modern child and like many other children, I don’t have good health. I eat a lot of fast food and drink too much soft drink every day. I usually play computer games and get online to chat with friends very often. I don’t join outdoor activities so I am getting fat day by day. I think it is time to pay attention on my health. I should do more exercise and take outdoor activities to improve my health. I should also eat more fruit, vegetables and eat less junk food. besides I have to play less computer games and shorten my online time. I think I will have a good health in the future. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 3: Talk about how to contribute to community activities

What do the people in your local community need? What can you do to help?

Talk something about the people in your local community (life, need…)

Talk about 3 or 4 volunteer activities you or your friends can do to help them

Talk about your feelings and future

Now I would like to tell you about my local community. I live in An Thanh Village. It is not a very rich neighborhood, so there are a lot of poor people who need to be helped. They live in very old houses and don’t have enough food to eat and don’t have enough warm clothes to wear. They have to work hard to earn only a little money a day. Their life is so pity, so their children can’t go to school. My friends and I have made a plan to raise money for those poor people. We are collecting old clothes for them, too. Besides, we also give lessons to the poor children 3 times a week and at weekend. We hope to help them overcome such hard periods and they will be able to have a better life in the future. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 4: Talk about music and arts

How can music and art help you at school and in your life?

Talk about the importance of music and art in your life.

Talk about 3 or 4 things music and art helping you

Your feelings and future

Hi! Everybody. Many people listen to music and see art every day. I do too because music and art play an important role in our life. Art makes this world look more beautiful and music can heal our soul and make us happier. When you have trouble in your live or work, just listen to your favorite songs and watch something beautiful around us and then you will feel better and can overcome difficulties more easily. Even when you are lonely, music and art can be good friends of you. That’s why we all love music and art.That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 5: Talk about your favorite food or drink and how to make it

Name your favorite food or drink.

Talk about the appearance , taste and ingredients

How to make it.

Your feelings and future

Hi! Everybody. What kinds of foods do you like? My favourite food is Pho. Pho is the most popular food among the population and it plays an importance thing in the spirit of Vietnamese people, especially the people who live in Ha Noi. Anyone feels hungry in a short time in the morning can also enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy Pho to fill their empty stomach. Have many Pho but there are two main kind of Pho: Pho with beef and Pho with chicken. The ingredients of Pho are rice noodles and broth which is generally made by simmering bones, fried steak charred onion and spices, it takes several hours to prepare. When people eat Pho they can add some kind of thing such as chilli, pepper,…I love Pho very much so I can eat it everyday without boring. I’m sure that you do it, too. Wherever in Vietnam, Pho is special food. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Write a paragraph about popular foods or drinks in your neighbourhood

Topic 6: Talk about a historic place you have known

Talk about the name, address and surroundings

Talk about its history

Talk about facilities or scenery in it

Your feelings and future

Now I would like to talk about Long Tuyen village.

This is an old village in the south of Can Tho City, including Binh Thuy, An Thoi, Long Tuyen and Long Hoa . The village is a destination that attracts many tourists not only because of its beautifully natural scenery, but also the cultural relics that remains after hundreds of years. The architecture and culture in Long Tuyen is very unique because it is the combination of various cultures from Western to Eastern, including Chinese, French, American, Cham and Japanese. This place also possesses six of 18 national relics in Can Tho, including famous locations such as Binh Thuy Temple, Nam Nha Pagoda or Binh Thuy Old House. Moreover, the Ky Yen Festival takes place here. It can be said that Long Tuy village is a rare destination that contains various typical characteristics of the culture in this region, and for sure it is a pity if you miss this destination in your travel. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 7: Tell about a famous person

Who this person is.

How you know about this person.

What this person is famous for.

Why you are interested in this person.