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Đề Thi Nói Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Học Kì 2 Năm Học 2022

Ôn thi học kì 2 lớp 7 môn Tiếng Anh có hướng dẫn chi tiết

Speaking Topics for English 11 – Second Semester

Part 1: Introduce yourself (0.5 point). Your talk should include the following points:

– What’s your name?

– How old are you?

– Where do you live?

– Say something about your family

– What are your hobbies?

– What do you plan to do in the future?

– To prepare for your future, what will you do?

Part 2: Choose one of the topic to talk about

1. What are the problems of the nature nowadays? What can we do to solve the problems?

3. If you have collected something, say about your collection. Your talk should include the following points:

– What do you collect?

– How do you collect them?

– How do you classify them?

– How do you keep them?

– Why do you collect them?

– What do you plan to do with your collection?

4. Choose one of the events in the space exploration to talk about.(The first human flight into space, the first human flight to the moon etc.)

5. Talk about a wonder of the world.


– Such as: global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change, …

Example 1:

I would like to talk about global warming. In my opinion, it is a big, if not the biggest, problem that we are facing nowadays. The main reason of global warming is the greenhouse effect … Nowadays people are producing excessive amounts of greenhouse gases, mostly by burning fossil fuels. These gases let sunlight in, which warms the Earth, and then block that heat from leaving… That breaks the delicate natural balance and causes our planet to warm… As global warming changes the climate on the whole planet, it affects all countries in the world and causes many serious problems… For example, global warming causes melting of glaciers, which in turn raises the sea-level… Eventually, coastal areas are flooding and agriculture is damaged unless appropriate measures are taken… As it is a worldwide problem, I think that only joint efforts will help us to overcome this issue.

Example 2:

It is regrettable that Hanoi, where I’m living, is negatively affected by pollution and the major environmental problems it is facing are water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.

In fact, pollution makes people here less healthy, and some even suffer from life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, skin cancer, and so on. Therefore, the government must deal with this problem right away. Cutting down on vehicle use is the best way to reduce air pollution and noise pollution. We can do this by encouraging people to use public transportation. Besides, those who litter should pay a heavy fine. Finally, I think the best solution is to raise awareness and educate people to protect the environment.


– Such as: fossil fuel, wind energy, solar energy,

Example: Solar Energy


+ one of the renewable energy

+ unlimited energy

+ extremely beneficial – not only for the environment but also financially speaking

+ It can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is available every day.

+ solar reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment

+ Reduces Electricity Bills

+ Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes

+ Save money for maintenance costs


+ Use a lot of spaces

+ Truly depend on weather status

+ Solar panels don’t work for every type of roof


– Such as: doll collection, stamp collection, book collection,


The hobby I like most is collecting music of singers whom I like so much. I like studying English so I’m interested in US-UK songs, especially I have passion for Taylor Swift and her songs. I started listening her songs when I was a little girl. Whenever she pulishes new songs, I enjoy them and download them into my cellphone even a special folder and has about 30 songs, but i don’t buy any album of her. Listening her songs makes me relax after studying hard, makes friends and especially improve my pronunciation and vocabulary. Thus, I have listened country music at first and have translated it into Vietnamese because they were quite slow and quite easy to hear and understand them. Realizing its benifits, I will go on listening and developing my collection.

Example 2:

1-I have been collecting stamps since I was a child. I’ve found it quite interesting.

2-There are a wide range of things people like to collect, ranging from stamps to cars ,based ontheir interests. But I think people often go to gather small things such as stamps and jewelleries.

3-Most people collect for relaxation and enjoyment although many hope that they will discoverrare things that will make them wealthy.

4- If I were wealthy enough I would like to be an antique jewellery collector, as I think such stuff are priceless and someday you will probably to make a fortune.

Example 3:

During my school days i was very interested for collecting coins from different chúng tôi hobby was very enthusiastic when we know about the story behind the coins. I think people like to different types of items like stamps,coins and antiques like that. Because people want to improve the knowledge and also want to know the history of the different countries. Some people like to remember the memories for each object. It all depends on person’s ideas.Yes,i would like to collect different types currency notes around the chúng tôi gives knowledge about the purpose of the they printed and will know the history of the olden days.


– Such as: The first human flight into space, the first human flight to the moon (Neil Armstrong


Such as: The Great Wall, Ha Long Bay, …


There are many natural wonders in Viet Nam like Paradise Cave, Perfume Pagoda, Cuc Phuong National Park,… but I like visiting Ha Long Bay best because of its attractive scenery, picturesque setting and touring experience.

Ha Long Bay is one of seven natural wonders of the world. It’s located in the northeast of Viet Nam. In 1994 and 2000. Ha Long Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Administratively, the bay belongs to Ha Long City, Cam Pha town and a part of Van Don District. It has 1969 islands and thousand of limestone karsts in various sizes and shapes, concentrated in 2 main zones: the southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay) and the southwest (belonging to Ha Long Bay). Many of them were acquired their names as a result of interpretation of their unusual shapes such as Voi Islet, Ga Choi Islet, Mai Nha Islet. At the centre of the islands, there are wonderful caverns such as Thien Cung, Tam Cu, Dau Go, Sung Sot,… Coming here, you can have unforgettable experience with the peaceful nature, blue sky, white sands and tourist facilities as standardized hotels, restaurants,… Ha Long Bay is famous for its seafoods such as crabs, cuttles,…

In short, tourists should visit Ha Long Bay. I feel comfortable and relax here. Touring experience is very good. Seafoods are delicious and at reasonable price. I love this place and I want to visit Ha Long Bay again.

Topic Nói Tiếng Anh 8

Question 1: Talk about your leisure activities Some people may think cooking is just a daily to make meals. But for me, cooking is a hobby -the best hobby I have. I always cook after finding out the importances of cooking. I spend my freetime to learn more about different cooking methods. Biside, mother inspired me to cook. Sometimes I cook no delicious yet but I always feel happy because I had so many beautiful memories There are many reason why I love to cook. Firstly, it keeps me happy in my life. Secondly, Whenever I feel sad, cooking ease me in a big way. Cooking also enables me to expand my creativity. We can help my parents by cooking. One more good things about cooking is I feel satisfied when I cook for my family, relatives and friends. In short, I think cooking not only happy expand creativity but also brings me hapiness.

Question 3: Talk about the city life In my opinion, living in the city has many benefits. Firstly, city is the centre of economy, polite, cultural and social. There are many schools, hospitals, markets, offices, banks, companies, restaurants,… here so it’t very modern and convenient. It’s easy to find rented house, hotel or building. Secodly,City life provides us all sorts of entertainment: movies, theaters, amusement park, bars,… so it helps us relax after hard working. Finally, education in here is very good. We can be improved our knowledge by going to schools, universities or extra classes. It’s easy for young people hace many chance to have a well-paid job. Besides the benefits it city life also has some drawbacks. Firstly, cities are polluted and noisy because there’re many vehicles and factories here, environtment is polluted by dust of means of transports and waste of factories. Secondly, citizen are unfriendly. They are always hurry, that means people have no time to know each other and make friends. Finally, there aren’t enough playground for children to take part in outdoors activities so they spend their freetime using computer and forget everythingis happening. In short, I think the city life suitable for young people

Question 5:Talk about the festival in VN Tet is one of the most important festival in VietNam. It’s held every year at the end of January or early February. Some weeks before Tet, Vietnamese clean their houses and paint their wall. They buy peach blossoms. Kumquat, flowers to decorate their houses. New clothes are bought on the occasion. One or two days before Tet, people make Chung cake – the traditional food, sticky rice, spring rolls and other spcial food.

Toàn Bộ Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Học Kì 2

Week: 1 THE PAST SIMPLE AND THE PAST PROGRESSIVE, Aim: By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to review and use the past tenses.Teaching aids: lesson plan, handouts, blackboards.Procedure:T Stages and contents T’s activitiesSs’ activitiesI. THE PAST SIMPLE TENSE 1. Form to be – Affirmative: S + V2/ed…. S + was/were…… – Negative: S + did + not + V… S + was/were + not… – Interrogative: Did + S + V….? Was/Were + S ….? 2. Use a. Diễn tả một hành động xảy ra trong quá khứ xác đònh rõ thời gian (yesterday, ago, last……, in the past, in 1990) Ex: – My father bought this house 10 years ago. – Mr. Nam worked here in 1999. b. Diễn tả một loạt các hành động xảy ra liên tiếp trong

quá khứ. Ex: – Last night, I had dinner, did my homework, watched TV and went to bed. – When she came here in 1990, she worked as a teacher.II. THE PAST PROGRESSIVE TENSE 1. Form – Affirmative: S + was/were + V-ing…. – Negative: S + was/were + not + V-ing… – Interrogative: Was/Were + S + V-ing….? 2. Use a. Diễn tả một hành động xảy ra ở một thời điểm trong quá khứ. Ex: They were playing chess at 4 o’clock yesterday. b. Diễn tả một hành động đang xảy ra có một hành động khác xen vào trong quá khứ (when, while, as). Hành động đang xảy ra dùng thì Past Progressive, hành động xen vào ra dùng thì Past Simple. Ex: – I was studying my lessons when he came. – We saw him while we were walking along the street.* EXERCISEChoose the best answer to complete each sentence.– Review the form, the use of the past simple and past progressive.– Get Ss to do the exercise– Ask Ss to choose the best answer to complete each sentence.-Look at, listen and answer the

T’s questions.1. D were wearing / met2. B was 1) You your new hat when I you yesterday.A. were wearing/ had met B. wore/ had metC. wore/ was meeting D. were wearing/ met2) As I the glass, it suddenly into two pieces.A. cut/ broke B. was cutting/ brokeC. cut/ was breaking chúng tôi cutting/ had broken3) A burglar into the house while we television.A. broke/ were watching B. broke/ watchedC. had broken/ watched D. broke/ had watched4) It was midnight. Outside it very hard. A. rains B. rained C. had rained D. was raining* EXERCISE Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense.1) While Diana (watch) her favourite TV programme, there (be) a power cut.2) Who (drive) the car at the time of the accident? 3) I (do) some shopping yesterday, when I (see) your friend.4) What you (do) when I (come) to your office yesterday?– Ask Ss to put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tensecutting/ broke3. A broke / were watching4. D was raining1. was watching / was2. was driving3. was doing / saw4.were / doing / cameWeek: 4 READING: UNIT 2Aim: By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to improve their reading skill as well as way to guess meaning of new words.Teaching aids: pictures, posters, cards.Procedure:T Stages & Content T’s activities Ss’activitiesRead the passage and choose the best answer for each blank.MARIA’S HOMECOMING When the bus (1) in a small square, Maria was reading her magazine and didn’t realize that she had arrived at her destination. “This is Santa Teresa,” Martin said. “You’ve arrived home!” I suppose your cousin will be (2) for us. Come on. I’ll carry the bags.” Maria thought, “All those years when I (3) – Get Ss to read the passage and do the in New York, I used to dream if this moment. And now it’s real, I can’t believe it! Here I am, I’m really standing in the square.” Santa Teresa was Maria’s birthplace, but she often left the town at the age of six. She had some (4) of the town, and some photos, but did she belong here still? She didn’t know. Nobody was waiting in the square. Perhaps her cousin Pablo hadn’t received Maria’s letter. “What are we going to do now?” asked Martin. “There isn’t (5) a hotel here!” 1) A. reached B. got C. stoopedD. came2) A. expecting B. waiting C. welcoming D. receiving3) A. was living B. have lived C. liveD. am living4) A. recall B. memories C. thinkingD.remembering5) A. even B. hardly C. too D. veryMultiple Exercise1. C stooped2. B waiting3. A was living4. B memories5. A evenWeek: 5 READING: UNIT 3Aim: By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to scan for specific information about party. – To help them improve reading skill.Teaching aids: Textbook, blackboard, poster…Procedure:T Stages & Content T’s activities Ss’activitiesRead the passage and choose one correct answer for each question.PREPARING A DINNER PARTY Giving a dinner party is a wonderful way of entertain people. You can also make new friends and give others the chance to get to know each other better. It needs planning, though. First, make a guest list, with different kinds of people and a mixture of women and men. Don’t invite couples because they aren’t so much fun. When you know who can come, find out what they like to eat and drink. Note down any who are vegetarians, or who can’t eat or drink certain things for religious seasons. Then plan their menu. Include a first course, a choice – Get Ss to read the passage and do the Multiple of main courses and a dessert, plus lots of people’s favourite drinks. The next thing to do is the shopping. Make sure buy more than enough of everything, and that someone can help you carry it! On the day, start cooking early. Give people appetizers like Greek mezze or Spanish tapas, so they don’t get hungry if they have to wait. Serve the delicious meal, sit down with your quests and have a good time – you’ve earned it!1) Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the purpose of giving a dinner party? A. to entertain people. B. to make new friends. C. to get people to know more about their host and hostess. D. to help people to know each other better.2) when giving a dinner party, you should NOT invite . A. husbands and wives. B. those who are vegetarians. C. both women and men. D. those who can’t eat or drink certain things.3) The menu should include these EXCEPT A. a first course B. a supper C. a dessert D. main courses4) According to the passage, starters should be served A. because the guests want to have a good time together B. because the guests like eating them C. because the guests want to eat them while having to wait D. because the guests may be hungry while having to wait5) What should you do while the guests are having their evening meal? A. Stand beside the guests without doing anything. B. Sit down with the guests and have a good time. C. Sit down with the guests to show your politeness. D. Only serve the guests with the food.Exercise 1. C to get people to know more about their host and hostess.2. A husbands and wives.3. B a supper4. D because the guests may be hungry while having to wait5. B Sit down with the guests and have a good time.

Week: 11 A LETTER OF REPLYAim: By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to write a letter of replyTeaching aids: lesson plan, blackboards.Procedure:T Stages and contents T’s activitiesSs’ activities* Writing a letter of replyFrom the cues given, write a letter of reply. 1) Thank you/ letter/ welcome/ General Knowledge Quiz. 

2) number/ participants/ be/ 4/ members/ each/ team

3) Quiz/ hold/ 89 Le Loi Street/ HCM City/ November 30/ 2007

4) starting time/ be/ 8:00 p.m/ but/ you/ be/ present/ an hour/ earlier

5)Please/contact/ me/ phone/ 067.892899/ or/ e-mail/ [email protected]

Mẫu Đề Thi Giữa Học Kì 2 Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Nhiều Trường


Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently

1. A. certificate B. decorate C. undergraduate D. doctorate

2. A. tutor B. master C. tuition D. university

Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from others

3. A. climate B. extinct C. famine D. capture

4. A. internship B. profession C. doctorate D. practical


Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences (1.5p)

A. floods B. climate change C. ecological balance D. carbon footprint

A. to rebuild B. of having rebuilt C. to being rebuilt D. for having rebuilt

A. at B. on C. into D. in

A. truthfully B. true C. truth D. truly

A. optional B. elective C. compulsory D. certain

A. on the verge of B. on the risk of C. at danger of D. in the verge of

Give the correct form of the words in the brackets (1p)

Give the correct tenses and forms of the verbs in the brackets (1.5pt)

III. READING (2.5 p)

Read the passage and choose the best answer to complete the blank. (1.25p)

The people of Kiribati are afraid that one day in the not-too-distant future, their country will disappear… (1)… the face of the earth literally. Several times this year, the Pacific island nation has been flooded by a sudden high tide. These tides, which swept across the island and destroyed houses, came when there was neither wind… (2)… rain. “This never happened before,” say the older citizens of Kiribati.

What is causing these mysterious high tides? The answer may well be global warming. When fuels like oil and coal are being burned, pollutants are released; these pollutants… (3)…. heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Warmer temperatures cause water to expand and also create more water by melting glaciers and polar ice caps.

If the trend continues, scientists say, many countries… (4)…. Bangladesh, for example, might lose one-fifth of its land. The coral island nations of the Pacific, like Kiribati and the Marshall Islands, however, would face an even worse fate. They would be swallowed by the sea. The loss of these coral islands would be everyone’s loss. Coral formations are… (5)… to more species than any other place on earth.

1. A. away B. from C. with D. within

2. A. and B. or C. but D. nor

3. A. trap B. release C. emit D. give off

4. A. suffer B. would suffer C. will suffer D. might suffer

5. A. place B. habitat C. home D. land

Read the passage and complete the questions and the answers (1.25p)

Distant education is a rapidly developing approach to instructions throughout the business. The approach has been widely used in business, industrial and medical organizations. For many years, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, engineers and laywers have used it to continue their professional education. Recently, academic instructions have been using distant education to reach a more diverse and geographically disperse audience not accessible through traditional classroom instructions.

The distinguishing characteristic of distant education is the separation of the instructor and students during the learning process. The communication of the subject matter is primarily to individuals rather than groups. As a consequence, the course content must be delivered by instructional media.

The media may be primarily printed, as in the case of traditional correspondence course. Audiocassettes, videotapes, videodiscs, computer-based instructions and interactive video courses can be sent to individual students. In addition, radio, broadcast television, telelectures, and teleconferences are utilized for “live” distant education. The latter two delivery systems allow for interactive instructions between the instructor and students.

1. According to the passage, distant education is suitable for……..

A. All kinds of students who need more training to become doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, engineers and laywers.

B. Students who need instructors

C. On- the- job people who need to have more training to serve professional education

D. Every one because it is another form of traditional classroom instructions throughout business.

2. The individuals who take part in distant education are often……..

A. Too busy to participate in the evening classes

B. Unable to access classroom-based education

C. Able to participate in classroom-based in their free time

D. Too busy to participate in computered-based education

3. The course content must be delivered……..

A. By express mail C. By travelling a long distance of the instructor.

B. By using instructional media D. By any means of communication

4. The word “primarily” in line 7 can be best replaced by……..

A. mainly B. partly C. noisily D. unimportantly

5. Telelectures and teleconferences allow for……..

A. No interactive instruction between the instructor and students

B. One-way instruction between the instructor and students

C. Traditional correspondence course delivered by instructional media

D. Interactive instructions between the instructor and students

IV. WRITING (2.5p)

Rewrite the following sentences (1.5p)

1. The last time we phoned her was when we went to the party together.

2. After I had dinner, I took a shower.

3. He threw rubbish into the forest and he was fined for it. (using perfect gerund)